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About ABG Paradip:
ABG Paradip is an artificial harbour located in the Bay of Bengal in the state of Orissa. One of India’s key seaports, the port primarily traffics bulk cargo.
Paradip Port plays a critical role in serving the Eastern and Central parts of the country. Well connected by rail as well as road, its reach extends into the states of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.
The last 5 years have seen unprecedented growth in the traffic handled by this port, bringing to the light the importance of its location in the trade channels of India.
  8 cargo berths
  1 mechanised coal loading facility
  1 mechanised iron ore loading facility
  1 captive fertiliser berth plus 1 oil jetty  
The ABG-LDA Mobile Harbour crane can work on berth no CQ1 to CQ3. Draft (-) 13.00 mtrs. Suitable for panamax and handy max vessels.
ABG-LDA Facilities:
  1 Mobile harbour crane
  Liebherr LHM 500
  140 ton hook capacity
  35 cubic meter grab  
Crane suitable for:
  Bulk, general and break-bulk cargo
  Maximum outreach of the crane: 51 meters  
Cargo handling in Paradip
Personnel Support:
For more details, contact:
ABG Paradip
Terminal manager: Mr. Anand Gilke
Tel: +91 99370 82392
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