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About Starlog Kandla:
In the world of maritime geography, India has always enjoyed a pride of place on the main sea routes between East and West. Today, its ports handle more traffic than ever before. Since 1997-98, Indian container traffic has increased by an annual average rate of 14.9%. Total Traffic has increased from 1.5 mn TEUs to almost 7.6mn TEUs by the end of 2007-08. With this growth, there is a need for modern ports that are equipped to handle the highmovement densities of future trade. A perfect opportunity for you to discover the future-ready Starlog Kandla Container Terminal.
  All-weather port.
  Fast turn-around-times.
  Dedicated container handling facilities.
  Congestion-easing advantages.
Strategically located 90 kilometres from the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, Starlog Kandla Container Terminal, is a 30-year BOT container terminal project, within Kandla Port Trust - one of the largest ports in India with traffic of over 64 million tonnes per annum. With its location on the North Western Coast of India, this major Indian port offers one of the shortest and quickest connections to the major shipping lanes of Middle East, Europe and the rest of the World. The future-ready Starlog Kandla Container Terminal Ltd. serves the vast hinterland Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP. Giving you the ability of moving more TEUs to your national or international destinations. Starlog Kandla Container Terminal Limited is a wholly-owned company of Starlog Group which is known for its heavy industries and ship building business in India.
*Voltri Terminal Europa S.p.A, Italy is enlisted as the management contractor for operations.
  Berth: 545 metres length, Channel Draft is 12.5 metres, alongside draft is 12 meteres.
  The draft shall be increased to 13.5 meters soon.
  2 Post Panamax (Twin Lift) RMQCs - 46 metres outreach
  2 more super post panamax Qcs - 52 metres outreach
  2 Mobile Harbour Crans
  22 hectares backup yard, plus 18 hectares planned
  Multiple Reefer points for temperature-controlled containers of frozen/chilled products
  Computerised Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)
  Detailed support information such as schedules, weather, hydrographical information and more
Personnel Support:
  Starlog Kandla is a 120-people strong setup with services extending to operations, maintenance and administration.
  The Operations Team has expert Crane Operators, RST Operators, Trailer Drivers, a Signal Man and a Tally Man.
  The Maintenance Team consists of skilled Engineers
  The Administration Team offers support through Human Resource Personnel, an Accounts team, an Office Assistant and
    Support Staff
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